Benefits of Watermelon for Pregnant Women

Consumption of nutritious food during pregnancy is highly recommended for a healthy pregnancy. Watermelon is a fruit that is recommended for consumption by pregnant women because of its nutritional content. Various nutrients in watermelon can support the growth and development of the fetus. Watermelon is round in shape, has red flesh, and a runny texture. The taste is sweet and a lot of water content is indeed refreshing to eat. Various nutrients contained in watermelon have a good effect for the body, including relieving muscle pain, increasing insulin, and lowering blood pressure. Watermelon Nutrition and Benefits for Pregnant Women The composition of watermelon consists of 91 percent water and 7.5 percent carbohydrates. Watermelons contain almost no fat and protein, and only a few contain calories. The high water content is very good for the body, because it can help pregnant women be well hydrated. Moreover, pregnant women do need more water than ordinary people. Water plays
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